Book List
978-93-91897-05-5Child Marriage In AssamPriyanka Patowari, Ratna Huirem, Kathiresan LoganathanRupees1500
978-1-7322650-9-7Foreign Direct InvestmentSuresh YadavRupees500
978-81-948855-7-3Vocational Competence For UnderprivilegedRahul YadavRupees750
978-1-7322650-8-0Dynamics Of Indo-South African Co-operation In a Changing WorldGopabandhu DashRupees1500
978-81-948855-3-5Positive Youth Development Through : Natinal Service Scheme In AssamG. Albin Joseph,Gangabhushan M. MolankalRupees800
978-93-7831-379-0 Society Development Democracy UN & NGOs : In Global and Local ContextS.P. Ahuja Rupees750
978-93-7831-372-1Conglusive Land Titling SystemDr. Amir Afaque Ahmad FaiziRupees600
978-93-7831-373-8Contract Farming Protecting Interests of Small and Marginal Farmers in IndiaDr. Amir Afaque Ahmad FaiziRupees750
978-93-7831-405-6Dynamics Of Colonialism And Imperialism ( India and West Asia)R L Shukla Rupees2015
978-93-7831-387-5Empowering Dalits (Non_Governmental Organisation in Western IndiaR R Patil Rupees1200
978-93-7831-396-7Force Or Dialogue Conflicting Paradigms Of World OrderHans Kochler Rupees2500
978-93-7831-382-0Homestead Land And Livelihood IntiativesDr. Amir Afaque Ahmad FaiziRupees700
978-93-91897-01-7Women And Work Rahul Kapoor Rupees500
978-93-7831-384-4Tenancy Laws and Practices Dr. Amir Afaque Ahmad FaiziRupees1200
978-93-7831-351-6Wetlands Of West BengalNatai KunduRupees1500
978-1-7322650-7-3Covid-19 In Tamil NaduV. Sivasankar, J. V. ArunRupees1500
978-93-91897-13-0India At 75Editor: Amneet GillRupees750
978-93-7831-495-7Gasping For BreathEditor: Sunayan Bhattacharjee, Ujjwal K ChowdhuryRupees399
978-93-91897-00-0Lessons Form HistoryEditor: Persis Latika DassRupees1500