Details of Book :Child Marriage In Assam
TITLE :Child Marriage In Assam
AUTHOR : Priyanka Patowari, Ratna Huirem, Kathiresan Loganathan
ISBN : 978-93-91897-05-5
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2021
PRICE : Rupees 1500
About Book:This book is set in a world of women and her woes of the excruciating pain of child marriage. It traces how society looks at the birth of a girl as the ultimate family burden and seeks to marry her off as soon as possible. The persistence of this societal evil despite legislations prohibiting it, is examined in the light of patriarchy and its overarching influence on society. The burden of family honour weighs very heavily on the female members of the household. After marriage too, the traumas of an alien household, encumbered by a barrage of domestic responsibilities, and the forceful sexual demands from the husband, are all looked at through the eyes of the child brides. The geographical setting is Assam, a state in Northeast India. The lived experiences of these women have been shared through in-depth interviews. The extremely personal and intricate narratives of these very unfortunate women can rattle the core of any ordinary person. Snippets of the cruelty faced by them are presented in the book. A feminist standpoint perspective, along with an eclectic approach, allows very intricate and wholesome access into the lives of these women. Woman as the subaltern is thus critiqued.