Details of Book :Gasping For Breath
TITLE :Gasping For Breath
AUTHOR : Editor: Sunayan Bhattacharjee, Ujjwal K Chowdhury
ISBN : 978-93-7831-495-7
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2022
PRICE : Rupees 399
About Book:GASPING FOR BREATH: A Man-made Tragedy? is a motley collection of articles chronicling the Covid-19 pandemic in India. It looks at multiple aspects of the pandemic in an effort to come out with specific solution pointers. The objective of the book is not to point fingers but to weave a way forward so that similar human tragedies could be averted in the future. It could be said with some confidence that the book is an empathetic document that traces the journey of humanity though one of the worst disasters in recent history – partly natural and partly manmade. The articles have been drafted by people from multiple backgrounds – academicians, journalists, social researchers, activists, filmmakers, media professionals, social media analysts and the likes. However, what distinguishes the book is its pan-India nature. The writers hail from across the country and hence the book paints a national story. The book has been edited by Sunayan Bhattacharjee and Ujjwal K Chowdhury. While Sunayan is a journalist-turned academician, Ujjwal has often been credited with crafting and leading some of the finest media institutes in the country. Both of them took up the cudgels of editing the book so that future generations can learn from the follies of the current generation.