Details of Book :Women And Work
TITLE :Women And Work
AUTHOR : Rahul Kapoor
ISBN : 978-93-91897-01-7
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2021
PRICE : Rupees 500
About Book:"Women and Work: The Sky Is Full Of Sexism” will smash the existing patriarchal norms and stereotypes which are prevalent about the profession of an air hostess and at the same time will throw light on the rigorous physical and mental training and expertise required to become an air hostess. The many gender inequal norms which are prevalent in the profession needs to be challenged and set right and therefore the book will play a major role in highlighting all such gender inequal norms and will pursue the policy makers as well as those in control and ownership of the airlines to take steps towards creating a more just, safe, secure and gender inclusive work environment for air hostesses