Details of Book :Dynamics Of Indo-South African Co-operation In a Changing World
TITLE :Dynamics Of Indo-South African Co-operation In a Changing World
AUTHOR : Gopabandhu Dash
ISBN : 978-1-7322650-8-0
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2021
PRICE : Rupees 1500
About Book:Bilateral relations between two sovereign nations form the bedrock of International Relations. The dynamics of bilateral relations are determined by a host of factors such as history, culture, politics, economics, geography, security environment, decision-making structure, dominant personality of the key decision-makers, the changing character of the global power structure, etc. While dealing with each other, two sovereign nations, invariably, seek to strike a judicious balance between promotion of their core national interests and their commitment to the values and institutions of the International System. The bilateral relations between India and South Africa are no exception to this fundamental precept of International Relations and Politics. Indo-South African Cooperation spans over four different phases: the colonial era, the freedom struggle period, the post-independence phase and the post-apartheid times. Dealing with the apartheid regime was particularly a very difficult and challenging phase for India. However, once the apartheid regime was dismantled and South Africa became a free nation, bilateral relations between the two countries made marked progress in diverse spheres: political, economic and trade, socio-cultural and security. The multilateral dimensions of Indo-South African cooperation are equally significant and visible. This is quite evident from their engagements in various multilateral bodies like NAM, IBSA, BRICS, WTO, BASIC, G-20, and the UN. On the whole, both India and South Africa have shown greater maturity and understanding while dealing with each other by keeping pace with time, by sharing their common experiences, tapping their huge potentials for mutual benefits, maximizing their common interests and minimizing their differences. With such a strong foundation, both the nations are equally confident and well poised to deal with the issues and challenges which a changing world would pose in the coming decades. The present volume critically examines all these issues on the basis of evidence and data. Dynamics of Indo-South African Cooperation in a Changing World would be a rich source material for scholars and students specializing in foreign policy analysis and International Relations in general and the bilateral relations between India and South Africa in particular. It will also be a handy reference book for diplomats and policy makers alike.