Details of Book :Vocational Competence For Underprivileged
TITLE :Vocational Competence For Underprivileged
AUTHOR : Rahul Yadav
ISBN : 978-81-948855-7-3
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2021
PRICE : Rupees 750
About Book:The word "vocational competence" focuses on the global market, specific skills with mobility and sustainable vocational practices. In this context, Indian institutions and the Indian government have developed the physical infrastructure to promote vocational training. As the labour market becomes more specialized and economies demand higher levels of skills, the government has greatly increased its funding in vocational training institutions and apprenticeship through the Skill India Mission. Vocational development is directly associated with human transformation. In the process of developing schemes and policy for vocational education, there is a need for a paradigm change, in keeping with local and global needs. Community development through vocational education should start with people's need and potential to earn a skill. Apart from this, alternative entrepreneurial activities should also be included. The industrial need and status, and current issues, should be discussed among beneficiaries of courses and by industrialists. In keeping with the economic pattern of India and the world, these points may be considered before designing vocational courses. This book is based on the vocational development of the underprivileged. It is observed that the majority of people believe that vocational skills bring in jobs, create respect, improve one's status in the community and bring about social change. Therefore, there is a need for dedication and motivation to conduct skill development programmes for the huge weaker sections of our society.