Details of Book :Foreign Direct Investment
TITLE :Foreign Direct Investment
AUTHOR : Suresh Yadav
ISBN : 978-1-7322650-9-7
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2021
PRICE : Rupees 500
About Book:Foreign Direct Investment is crucial for development as a critical resource for capital and technology. All countries want FDI but very few manage to get it. Many countries engage in all recommended reforms, but still, only a few countries attract FDI due to reforms. What holds back FDI? How the reports of non-state actors act as a cost to investors by reason of enhanced due diligence? How does the tax administration's inefficiency add to the cost of investment for the investors? What is the future of investment promotion? How cities and small countries through PPP can create a model using a toolkit approach for FDI promotion? How AI/ML and big data can play a role in FDI investment decision making and promote FDI by eliminating intermediation? The author investigates this multidisciplinary subject and suggests a low-cost model for FDI promotion and an appropriate taxation system for investors, policymakers and others engaged in development activities.