Details of Book :Covid-19 In Tamil Nadu
TITLE :Covid-19 In Tamil Nadu
AUTHOR : V. Sivasankar, J. V. Arun
ISBN : 978-1-7322650-7-3
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2021
PRICE : Rupees 1500
About Book:The concept of the book falls within the purview of regional approach to the problems of COVID – 19. The book will focus on the structured approach which is necessary to apply solutions at the state level. In the wake of Covid-19, economic activities of Tamil Nadu were disrupted and it has resulted in contraction of demand and supply-side shocks. The containment measures have slowed manufacturing sector, domestic consumption and state's growth rate. In particular, Tamil Nadu has witnessed a higher unemployment rate than all India level during the lockdown period. This warrants a study on socio-economic implication of lockdown in Tamil Nadu. But despite the relevance of the topic, few publications have ever attempted to document linking COVID-19 and Tamil Nadu. This book addresses this perceived need, for a publication.

Gasping For Breath
By :Editor: Sunayan Bhattacharjee, Ujjwal K Chowdhury
Price: Rupees 399